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If you’re a health and wellness practitioner who is ready to
streamline, structure, and organize your most important business system
for both you and your clients…

Get ready to discover the easiest and most efficient way to set up your health and nutrition practice on
Practice Better! 


Setting up your health and nutrition practice can feel overwhelming. 😰

From establishing your behind-the-scenes business foundations to getting (and staying) in the visible online spotlight… it just feels like a lot most days!

And, if you’re like many health and wellness practitioners, your personalized resources, important client documents, and valuable invoices are scattered throughout online folders and emails that go missing at the bottom of your inbox.

You’re frustrated that you’re wasting precious time and energy on all of the admin tasks your business needs... when you know there has to be a simpler way!

What you really want to be doing is welcoming your clients to your well-organized online office where your automated systems and simplified processes allow every one of your clients to feel like they have VIP status!

👉 Which of these have YOU ever said to yourself?

  • I feel so scattered in my health practice, but I don’t have time to organize and systematize my whole practice so I can finally manage everything I need to serve my clients.

  • I recreate every client’s recommendation from scratch after every session. This is such a time drain!

  • My client forms, documents, and emails are scattered in online folders and it takes me forever to find what I’m looking for (and that's if I ever find it!

  • I’m juggling multiple calendars and online scheduling systems to book client sessions. I’ve overbooked myself more times than I want to admit and it’s so frustrating!

  • My billing process is disjointed on multiple payment platforms. I either miss payments or I have to chase down my clients for theirs. I can’t afford to keep losing income every month!

  • I love providing health transformations for my clients... but I get distracted trying to stay organized in my business. If I could just show up feeling more put together, I’d have more joy serving my clients.


These are the kinds of frustrations so many health and nutrition practitioners struggle with as they run their practices!

They stay stuck in overwhelm, disorganization, and lost dollars as they show up every day as their own struggling employee rather than accelerating as the high-level nutrition professionals that they are!

This struggle ends up costing them lost revenue, fewer clients, and a lack of joy and energy as the health and nutrition professional they know they're meant to be.


👉 The truth is, it doesn't have to be this way.

You can create efficient and effective client management systems using Practice
Better that'll help you create the most productive business possible for you and your clients.

And, maybe you’re thinking what many other health and nutrition professionals do…

“I’ll have to hire an expensive agency to set up my Practice Better platform so I can finally manage all my client details and communications… but, I don’t have the money to do that right now!”

I hear you! It's tempting to drop hundreds or even thousands on hiring an expensive contractor to take the wheel for you, even though you know you'll be left with no real understanding about how to set up or change the Practice Better system to meet your unique business's needs.

And we're here to show you that there's now another way!

You can now set up your Practice Better platform quickly, efficiently, and without having to pay someone else the big bucks to do it (or spending hours trying to figure it out on your own!)

Plus, when you use our simplified and streamlined process inside Practice Better Made Simple, you’ll develop the intuitive skills and knowledge that will naturally come with setting up your portal yourself. Future changes you make on the platform will be easier and you won’t feel lost in your own office!

Whether you're a dietitian, a nutrition therapy practitioner, certified nutrition specialist, or any other type of health professional with your own business...

If you use Practice Better as your online client management software, or you NEED a system to help you streamline, structure, and organize your online health space for both you and your clients...

Practice Better Made Simple is the solution!


How would it feel if you could...

  • Use a simplified, step-by-step process for setting up your online health office so you can easily manage your client communication, scheduling, and billing.

  • Create streamlined recommendations and protocols that you can use over and over again while taking just a few minutes to customize them for each client.

  • Keep all of your client forms, documents, and communications in one centralized HIPAA-protected portal that’s easy for you and your clients to access.

  • Combine your personal and business calendars and automate your booking requests so your clients know exactly when you’re available and can book their own sessions.

  • Develop automated billing systems so you never have to chase down clients for their payments and you’re guaranteed your expected income every month.

  • Expand your impact and maximize your income potential with automations, recurring tasks, and more functions that Practice Better can do for you. 

  • Create an efficient, structured, and organized online health office that saves you time and money while providing a great experience for your clients!

🎉 All of this and MORE is available for you inside
Practice Better Made Simple!


Here’s what’s waiting for you instantly inside Practice Better Made Simple:

Module 1 — Your Practice Foundations

Discover the easiest way to set up the foundational elements of your health and nutrition practice so you and your Practice Better portal will be ready to welcome and serve your clients.

Module 2 — Invite and Onboard Clients

Invite and welcome new clients into your practice, simplify their booking process (for both you and for them), and communicate with your clients efficiently through your platform.

Module 3 — Documentation

Create streamlined Session Notes, Client Protocols, and Document folders, and set up recurring automations in your practice so you can save tons of time and energy while serving your clients even better. 

Module 4 — Customize the Client Experience

Discover how to create a customized, VIP experience for your clients (without creating more work for you) so they can navigate through Practice Better with ease as you work together to achieve their health goals.

Module 5 — Billing and Payments

From invoices to superbills, discover simple ways to create streamlined and efficient billing procedures so your clients never miss a payment and you don’t spend time chasing down your monthly revenue.  

Module 6 — Take Your Practice Further

Discover how to simplify your workflow, review your practice reports, and expand the reach of your practice as you communicate with practitioners outside of your portal.

I'm ready to take my practice further!

🤩 Plus get these time and money-saving bonus templates!

When you decide to accelerate your nutrition practice and enroll in Practice Better Made Simple, you’ll also receive these 5 BONUS, Done-for-You Templates so you can:

  •  Prepare both you and your potential clients for breakthrough discovery call conversations (which helps you convert potential clients into paying customers with ease 😉)
  •  Evaluate your clients’ progress more efficiently so they achieve great results and you know exactly what to help them focus on between sessions
  •  Receive outstanding, authentic testimonials that can create social proof and more demand for your services


Your 5 BONUS, Done-for-You Templates include:

  •  #1 Discovery Call Application 
  •  #2 Initial Intake Form
  •  #3 Follow-up Questionnaire
  •  #4 Three-day Food Journal
  •  #5 Testimonial Collection Form

Are you ready to set up your practice with simplicity and ease... so you can finally have more time to provide life-changing health transformations for your clients?


Meet Your Instructor

👋  Hi, I'm Laura Schoenfeld, and with me on the left is my amazing support coach and head of fulfillment Jennifer Zucconi, RD.

She supports all of our students and clients from the Nutrition Business Accelerator® and beyond, helping them to take action on what they're learning and experience rapid growth in their nutrition businesses.

She has run her own online nutrition business for 4+ years and understands the challenges and opportunities that nutrition entrepreneurs face, and is able to help them quickly problem-solve to break through any barriers standing in their way.

She's also the integrator in my online business, helping me run our multi-6-figure coaching and consulting business with ease while providing an incredible customer experience.

You're in great hands with Jen and she has spent dozens of hours putting together the most practical and effective course for helping you get your Practice Better software optimized for the most streamlined and profitable business possible!

When you enroll in Practice Better Made Simple you'll receive...

  • Deep Dive training with Jennifer Zucconi, RD where you'll learn the step-by-step process for setting up your Practice Better account ($700+ value)

  •  The opportunity to request additional support on new or additional software features you want to use ($200+ value)

  •  5 BONUS Done-for-You Templates that will:
    👉 Prepare you and your potential clients for breakthrough discovery calls
    👉 Evaluate your clients’ progress more efficiently
    👉 Help your clients achieve great results
Encourage outstanding testimonials that create demand for your services

    ($500+ value)
  • Lifetime access including all future upgrades to the program. ($500+ value)


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

When you join Practice Better Made Simple, you’ll have all the tools and direction you need to get your nutrition practice set up quickly, efficiently, and in a way that creates a streamlined experience for your clients...OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
If you don't feel we delivered the value you expected, simply email our customer support team at [email protected] to request your refund within 30 days of purchase.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

When you join Practice Better Made Simple, you’ll have all the tools and direction you need to get your nutrition practice set up quickly, efficiently, and in a way that creates a streamlined experience for your clients...OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
If you don't feel we delivered the value you expected, simply email our customer support team at [email protected] to request your refund within 30 days of purchase.

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