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Discover how to create a proven online nutrition business system to fill your business with dream clients who will actually pay for your services...

(and build it in just 90 days!)

Get the exact blueprint to start, grow, and scale your online nutrition business so you can experience the financial and time freedom you desire...

All while making a life-changing impact on others!


If you're like so many other struggling nutrition entrepreneurs, maybe this sounds familiar...

  • You've heard about other nutritionists and dietitians making 6-figures in their online business but you're not sure you can ever really get there

  • You have plenty of education, training, and certifications in nutrition but lack confidence in your ability to help clients or sell your services effectively (hello Imposter Syndrome!)

  • You know you can help people but have no idea how to explain who you help or how you help them, and struggle to present a clear message to potential clients

  • You work for hours on growing your business but never feel like you've done "enough" to see the results you desire (and it stresses you out!)

  • You are passionate about making a big impact on the world through nutrition and health, but feel super slimy and uncomfortable when trying to sell someone a program or consulting package

  • You know you don't want to work for someone else... but you worry if your own business will ever bring you the time and financial freedom you desire

Maybe you're questioning if you're capable of building a wildly successful online nutrition business.

Because the online nutrition market keeps getting more and more crowded... especially after the pandemic hit.

Or maybe, if you're like I was, you struggle with picking a target market and worry that if you niche down, your business will suffer (or you'll get bored!)

Maybe despite your credentials and education, you're still feeling some gnarly imposter syndrome and question why anyone would want to spend their hard-earned money to work with you instead of one of the other hundreds of nutritionists in the online space.

So let me ask you this...

What would it feel like to have the total clarity and confidence you needed to start, grow, and scale your online nutrition business to $10k months and beyond?

And what if you could do so without working 100 hour weeks, feeling overwhelmed by complicated technology, or feeling like a used car salesman when you're selling your programs and services?

Guess what? It is possible.

And I'm going to show you HOW.

Since 2019, I've worked with dozens of dietitians and nutritionists just like you, and helped them grow their business to $10k months and beyond (some of my clients are making $30-40k+ every month!)

And the only reason I'm able to help them is because I went through it all myself.

I've experienced all the highs and lows of online entrepreneurship.

From the sleepless nights, the unmet expectations and disappointments after a failed group program launch, the nearly constant struggle to pick a niche I was excited about...

... to the excitement of helping my clients achieve incredible health results (baby pictures were my favorite!), the exhilaration of reaching my first $200k+ years, and the overwhelming gratitude I felt when I had my first 6-figure LAUNCH.

And the one thing I learned through all of it?

Your success is inevitable... if you don't give up.

And the key to not giving up in the face of challenges?

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ Having a proven PLAN to follow through every step of your business-building journey.

So whether you're...

Just Getting Started
(Or a Student)

And you want to build your business the right way from the beginning... (you smart cookie!)

More Established in Your Business

And you want to more easily attract ideal clients who will actually pay for your services...

An Advanced Nutrition Entrepreneur

And you're ready to successfully scale your business beyond simply offering 1-1 services...

The Nutrition Business Accelerator™ is your pathway to achieve your dream of a wildly successful online nutrition business.

It's time to invest in yourself and your future, and get the plan and the mentorship you need to grow the online nutrition business that gives you the impact and income you desire!


๐Ÿ—“  Live Program Begins March 15th, 2021

Meet Your Mentor

Hey, I'm Laura!

I help big-hearted nutrition professionals build systems that attract, convert, and serve their ideal clients, so they can exponentially grow their income and their impact... while loving the work they do.

As a registered dietitian, I've successfully run my own multi-6-figure functional nutrition business since 2014. I've also worked on the team of a multi-7-figure online health business serving both health clients and health professionals.

I created this program to help struggling dietitian and nutrition entrepreneurs get clarity on who they serve, how they serve them, and how they can stand out in a crowded market, so they can more easily attract dream high-paying clients into their online nutrition business.

Let's accelerate your nutrition business, together!

- Laura Schoenfeld, MPH, RD

What my clients are saying...

Kristine Lagree

I went from having no idea where to start to being set up to help my ideal clients. The information I obtained from the NBA program would have taken me years to figure out on my own. It’s a fast track to get started and has provided me many valuable tools to be successful.

Stephanie Paver

I learned more about business in 4 months from Laura than I had in the last 4 years of being in business. My monthly revenue is now about 2-3x my previous monthly revenue. Laura is a total pro and really knows her stuff. I couldn't be more satisfied with her and her delivery of the NBA program.

Alma Simmons

I had already enrolled in a coaching program that was not of much value to me. I was hesitant to invest again... but I did not go wrong! I now have direction and clarity of what it takes to build a sustainable business. Laura provided the tools I was looking for and the delivery of her program was amazing!

Brittany Braswell

I am so unbelievably grateful to Laura for pushing me out of my comfort zone. She doesn't avoid talking about the hard things and she takes the time to pour into you, wherever you are in your process. Her drive to see her clients succeed and thrive in all aspects of their business is so apparent. I could not have chosen a better coach!

Alexis Newman

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to commit the amount of time needed to be successful. But I was able to find time and set boundaries to be able to work on my business. And I made so much progress! I set up my client management software automations, have scheduling on my website, and have a process for my program. I now have confidence to move forward!

Alexa Fan

I gained so much clarity from going through the NBA program. I now have more clients than I ever have before, learned how to attract solid leads, developed a unique system for helping people get the results I promise, and I have confidence in the direction I am going in. I take myself and my business more seriously because I have invested the time, money, and energy.

Chelsea Stegman

There is SO MUCH to think about when starting your own business, and I wasn't sure what to prioritize. I learned everything that dietitians aren't taught! From copy writing to sales and marketing to money management. Before this I was looking into SO many conflicting resources. It helps to have this all in one place from someone who has been in my position before. It streamlines everything and just like in its name, it ACCELERATES your business.


Logan Vanderpool

NBA is the best roadmap for all nutrition professionals looking to start or grow a THRIVING successful business. I have successfully niched down with confidence. I have a website and social media platforms built out. I have confidently raised my prices to reflect my worth. Laura is a WONDERFUL teacher who talks the talk and walks the walk. I have made so many great connections with other RDs who I look forward to continuing to network with as my business grows!

Hayley Garelli

I had just invested in another business coaching program so I was hesitant to invest again so soon since I hadn't seen the return on my investment yet. I decided to invest in NBA because I trusted Laura, and knew she would provide the guidance I needed to take the next steps in my business. She doesn't just talk about social media, but goes way beyond and offers you the blueprint to develop and grow the business of your dreams.


Isabel finally has a proven plan to follow for focused business growth... no more chasing shiny objects!


Haley changed her mindset about her busy practice and was able to double her coaching prices for more financial freedom!


After filling in the gaps in her business, Jennifer now has the clarity, tools, and vision to continue to grow her business with confidence.


Kate saved herself years and years of spinning her wheels to really focusing on what matters to grow her business!


Megan finally has a proven strategy to attract and serve her ideal clients confidently, so she can sustainably grow her business.


Brittany no longer has doubts about her ability to grow her business, and is excited to be launching a new group program to impact more lives!


How Does It Work?

Set Up The Foundations

Dismantle mindset blocks, assess your current business, and nail your niche.

Design Your Amazing Services

Develop your proprietary process, deliver high value, and create effective offers.

Convert High Paying Customers

Capture interested leads, and turn curious prospects into paying customers.

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Use time-tested traffic strategies that align with your skill sets , and get visibility as a trusted nutrition expert.

Scale For Sustainability

Implement technology using automations and systems to work smarter, not harder, to grow your business.

Become The Nutrition CEO

Hire a team and focus on your genius zone to do the work you love while growing your income and impact.

What does the program include?

This group coaching program gives you everything you need to know to attract, convert, and serve your ideal clients so you can grow a successful nutrition business.

The Nutrition Business Accelerator™ Blueprint

We'll review the entire Attract-Convert-Serve process and program objectives so you know what to focus on and how to make the most of your experience in the program.

Get Your Mind Right

Learn the mindset shifts that must happen for you to take inspired, messy action and become the fearless and successful nutrition business owner you desire to be.

Pick Your Profitable Niche

Discover how to identify a clear, specific, and profitable niche that is easy to create messaging around and will help you stand out in a crowded market 

Plan Your Transformational Product or Program

Develop your unique system or method for delivering transformative health results for your ideal clients and positions you as the go-to expert with clients turned raving fans

Craft An Irresistible Offer

Design an offer that will attract high-paying ideal clients, serves them at the highest level so that they get awesome results.

Deliver Amazing Value

Discover how to deliver your nutrition programs and services so your clients are happy, successful, and raving about their experience working with you, so you can generate testimonials and referrals to continue building your steady flow of clients who love to work with you and want to keep working with you.

Convert with Confidence

Sell your services in a way that feels authentic AND converts curious prospects into paying customers, primarily by using effective discovery calls.

Attract Awesome Leads

Design and create a lead magnet that attracts the right potential clients and customers into your business and prepares them for your offer to make working with you a no-brainer.

Grow Your Traffic

Get your content and message in front of the right people in the right way, to position yourself as the nutrition expert they want to work with when it comes to solving their specific health challenges.

Elevate Your Expertise

Use professional publicity strategies to get in front of a bigger audience and build your authority and credibility as an expert, so you can impact more people and exponentially grow your income.

Build Systems That Scale

Learn how to manage your time, energy, and resources to maximize productivity, grow and manage a team, and structure your workday so you can get more done in less time, increase your profits, and start acting like a nutrition business CEO rather than an employee.

๐Ÿ—“  Live Program Begins March 15th, 2021

๐Ÿ“„ Get 33 CEUs for Registered Dietitians!


What You Get

๐ŸŽฅ  7 Video Training Modules

Learn everything you need to know about the Attract-Convert-Serve method through easy-to-watch video trainings organized by each step of the business-building process.

$4000+ Value

๐Ÿ“ Worksheets and Cheatsheets For Easy Application

We've made taking action super simple with step-by-step worksheets, cheatsheets, and even spreadsheets that help you do the work and stay organized throughout the entire program.

$500+ Value

๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐Ÿซ  7 Biweekly Implementation and Coaching Calls with Laura

Get help taking effective action on each stage of the program, from nailing your niche, to building your programs and offers, to attracting your audience, and more!

$3500+ value

๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿพ‍๐Ÿค‍๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿผ Supportive Community of New Students, Alumni, and Peer Mentors

Be part of a generous, like-minded community of nutrition entrepreneurs, to grow your network and get the accountability and social support you need to thrive in your online business!


โญ๏ธ Plus Get These AMAZING Bonuses! โญ๏ธ 


10+ Templates for Easy Tech Setup (For Practice Better and Kajabi)

Don't let TECHPHOBIA be your excuse for not achieving your online business dreams!

When you join the Nutrition Business Accelerator, you'll get access to over 10 templates for designing your website, creating forms for private cilents, and collecting survey and testimonial information. It's like an online nutrition business in a box!

$2000+ Value!

๐Ÿ‘จ‍๐Ÿซ  BONUS #2: 12+ Guest Expert Interviews ($3000+ Value)

We believe in the power of community and diversity of thought.

That's why we're providing 12+ guest expert interviews to help you deepen your understanding of important business topics.

You’ll get on-demand training on ESSENTIAL business-building topics from experts like:

James Wedmore

Learn how to finally let go of fear and indecision when choosing a niche for your business

Mel Abraham

Create truly transformational content through his Framework Formula

Anna Powers

Create high-converting website copy that connects deeply and powerfully with the right clients

Arfan Husain

Learn how to get more leads faster using effective Facebook Ads

Parker Stevenson

Finally understand and not fear your financial numbers in your business

Chrissie Roddy Kenaston

Create a email nurture sequence to build trust with ideal clients

Kaely McDevitt, RD

Discover how functional labs can be used to serve your clients better

Erica Julson, RD

Grow your organic traffic with an effective blog and SEO strategy

Christine Dyan, RD

Transform your thoughts and beliefs about money and your worthiness

Jendayi Harris

Learn the psychology behind effective, non-sleazy sales calls.

Laura Poburan

Facilitate client breakthroughs through better coaching.

Jen Miller

Make automation simple with Practice Better's technology.


Brand New Course: How to Launch Your Group Program!

When you enroll TODAY, I’ll be giving you a BONUS mini course that'll walk you step-by-step through launching your first group or online program! (A $497+ value!)

One of the best ways to serve more people and make more money in your business is to create and launch a group program that walks people through your unique process for getting results.

But it can feel overwhelming when you've never created a group program before. And that overwhelm can lead to you put off ever creating one!

Having built or co-created more than 5 online courses over the past 7 years, I've learned a ton about how to quickly and effectively launch a group program that actually gets clients results. 

And in this new mini course, I'll teach you everything you need to know about turning your group or online course dreams into reality!

AND you'll get access to this brand new program FREE when you join the NBA this round!


๐Ÿ—ฃ What Our Students Are Saying

"Laura will forever remain one of the most instrumental and influential elements to my confidence, my growth, and my success!"

The Nutrition Business Accelerator is so comprehensive. If you're just starting your business from scratch, Laura gives you everything you need to get your practice going and growing.

If your business is already established, she'll help you fill in TONS of gaps that you missed along the way. (I promise, you've got gaps!)

Laura will continue to connect you with experts in various fields who will all add value to your current business model.

Whether you're interested in running ads, need to polish up your copy, want to get a handle on your finances, or simply need to enhance the business tools she provides, Laura will give you all that and more!

As I continue to move forward in my business, Laura will forever remain one of the most instrumental and influential elements to my confidence, my growth, and my success! Thank you Laura!

- Jennifer Zucconi

Kate Netz

This program gave me the tools I needed to get my business started off the right way and better understand what's really important to focus on and what's not. I now have a 5 step process that I take my clients through which has helped me be more methodical. If you want an online business that is done right from the beginning, DO IT!

Megan Crozier

If you're committed, focused, and ready to take action on the right things, then this program is for you. It's like your "one stop shop" to get clarity on what / when / how to do things to attract the right people while growing and scaling your business. And if you're feeling stuck, just take the leap and you won't regret it!

Stevie Lyn Smith

The best thing that has happened as a result of joining the NBA program is in my confidence to create and build a successful business that will serve my ideal client. Laura exceeded all expectations and provided such a wealth of information, support, and incredible mindset and attitude.

Lexy Penney

The best thing that happened to me as a result of NBA is that I finally felt empowered to really step into my power as a business owner and provider. I learned how to shift my mindset to get rid of any "noise" holding me back, which allowed me to really tap into my full potential and move forward at an incredibly fast speed. Laura has a way of removing roadblocks (real or imagined) so that you can TRULY lead the business (and therefore life!) that YOU want. My experience was so valuable because you can't put a price on the peace of mind I've gotten. I can sleep better at night because I'm no longer worrying about my business, clients, or finances!

Rachel Doyle

The NBA program walks you through setting up, growing, and scaling your dream nutrition practice. Laura is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to share whatever she can to help her clients grow and find success. The program helped me get much more clear on my signature process for helping clients, explore new ways of marketing to attract more ideal clients, and set up streamlined systems and processes in my business.

Amy Hollenkamp

The most valuable aspect of the program for me was how well program development was taught. I have had some issues with selling my programs in the past and with Laura's NBA program, I am confident with how to course correct to make my programs more successful. NBA is hands down the best how to guide to becoming a successful online nutritionist/dietitian. I loved that it wasn't centered just on selling yourself on social media but also focused on the process of how to make sure your clients get the best results.

Laura Poe

Niche-ing down has been so helpful and helped me to organize and plan better in my practice; I have gotten more discovery calls, increased my prices and booked more packages rather than individual sessions; I have also gotten my first testimonials to use in marketing! I gained confidence in my ability to grow my business, help people and make money. I never realized that I needed so much help with the business side of my work and having a format laid out with a clear direction, with ongoing assignments, was huge for me in moving forward.


Alexa now has a clear system to help her clients get results, which has built her confidence and helped her get more paying clients!


Alexis changed her mindset, defined her niche, and started signing up clients confidently!


Stevie no longer feels intimidated or overwhelmed by starting her online business, and instead feels excited for what's ahead!


Jackie just launched her business and already has enrolled a few clients, thanks to getting clear on her niche and her offer!

"Don't wait until you have it all figured out... jump in now, before you feel like you're ready."

I was just starting my business when I found out Laura was offering business coaching. The integrity of her work, her mindset and her approach to health/nutrition already resonated with me, so I just knew her approach to business would too.

It's really hard to invest money in a program when you are just starting out and you aren't sure you will succeed or that it will be worth it in the end! I wasn't making any consistent money in my business, and I didn't have regular clients yet, so it was a big leap of faith for me to join the program.

Now I feel like I know the right steps to take to reach my goals, even if I haven't done them all yet. I also know which mistakes to avoid and what to focus my limited time and energy on, saving myself hours (maybe years) of time getting my business off the ground.

Laura is always a few steps ahead. It was like every question I had about starting and running my own nutrition business, she already knew it and had a genius answer for me. There is content for people just starting out like me and for people who are really growing and scaling their businesses too.

I feel like I can do this program over and over and grow with it because the principles are timeless and relevant no matter what level you're at.

If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused or scared about starting your online nutrition business or group program, then this program will set you up for success and give you all the tools you need to make it happen. Don't wait until you have it all figured out, jump in now, before you feel like you're ready.

- Deena Thompson


You ARE a good fit for this program if…

• You’re a dietitian or nutrition entrepreneur who is legally qualified to work with clients on improving their health through diet and lifestyle changes (e.g. RD, NTP, CNS, CHNC...)

You’ve got a high quality, results-oriented program or service to sell, or you want to CREATE a great program to sell online

You are willing to work through the challenges and growth opportunities that will make you an in-demand nutritionist with an online business that attracts highly aligned, paying clients that want and need your help

You take responsibility for your own results and understand that no program or coaching will work unless YOU do!

You’re NOT a good fit if…

• You aren't a nutritionist or are not legally allowed to offer nutrition coaching and consulting services where you live

• You’re going to complain and create negative energy in the group

• You have no products or services to sell, or you don’t want to develop a program to sell

• You’re not ready to become an in-demand expert in your chosen niche and you have no interest in putting yourself in front of an audience of potential clients

• You’re a unicorn (although, that could be cool!) ๐Ÿฆ„

๐ŸŽ‰ Real Life Wins From Our Clients!


Victoria now has the confidence to use her nutrition knowledge properly so that her clients truly value her services. 


Olivia was feeling completely scattered and overwhelmed, but now has the roadmap to scale her business for more time and financial freedom.

"The NBA has literally changed the trajectory of my business, and... not to be dramatic... but my life." - Jaime Sanzere

"This program really has been the answer to my prayers."
- Megan Lininger


Haley now has a process to help her clients that helps them get even better results while reducing her stress and improving her marketing efforts.


Andrea narrowed her niche, developed a program, and created an offer that allows her to grow her business with confidence.

My transformational promise to you...

When you join the Nutrition Business Accelerator™ coaching program, you’ll discover the exact blueprint on how to attract, convert, and serve high paying clients, and to create a streamlined business that positions you as the go-to expert in your niche... taking your revenue to 6-figures and beyond!


Your Investment

NEW! Extended Installment Plan

$397 per month

For 12 Months

  • 7 video-based modules covering the entire NBA process ($4000+ value)
  • Worksheets and cheat sheets to help you implement what you're learning ($500+ value)
  • 7 Biweekly Implementation Coaching Calls with Laura ($3500+ value)
  • 12+ Guest Expert Interviews ($3000+ value)
  • 10+ Templates for Practice Better and Kajabi ($2000+ value)
  • Private Community group (Priceless!)
  • Unlimited access to the program and future group coaching calls (Priceless!)

Total Value: $13,000+

Your Investment:
$397 per month x 12 months


Group Coaching


Save $485!

  • 7 video-based modules covering the entire NBA process ($4000+ value)
  • Worksheets and cheat sheets to help you implement what you're learning ($500+ value)
  • 7 Biweekly Implementation Coaching Calls with Laura ($3500+ value)
  • 12+ Guest Expert Interviews ($3000+ value)
  • 10+ Templates for Practice Better and Kajabi ($2000+ value)
  • Private Community group (Priceless!)
  • Unlimited access to the program and future group coaching calls (Priceless!)

Total Value: $13,000+

Your Investment:
Only $3997

Save $485 when you pay in full!

โญ๏ธ VIP โญ๏ธ


Payment Plan Available



  • Everything from the group level of the program ($13,000 value)
  • 90-Minute Private Business Deep Dive Session ($1500+ value)
  • 5 Private 60-minute Coaching Calls ($5000+ value)
  • Private Voxer Channel for unlimited voice memo and text support for up to 4 months ($2500 value)

Total Value: $22,000+

Your Investment: $11,997

๐Ÿ—“  Live Program Begins March 15th, 2021

๐Ÿ“„ Plus get 33 CEUs for Registered Dietitians!

Ready to Apply?

You MUST apply to be accepted into this program. For the final step of your application, you’ll make a 'refundable deposit' for the program. Once I review the application, if you’re not the right fit, I’ll refund your deposit.

But if you are the right fit - you’re in! We'll email you enrollment details within 48 hours of you applying.

Please be sure to read the full details of the investment for this program before applying. If accepted, your deposit will be applied to whatever program investment you choose to make.

Can't see the application below? Click HERE to open it in a new window.

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Still on the fence?

Book a free call and we'll determine if this program is the right fit for you!

๐Ÿค” FAQs

Hi, I'm Laura.

I'm a women's health expert and a registered dietitian (RD) with a passion for helping people fuel their purpose.

My mission is to help nutrition business owners drop the hustle and come into alignment with their ideal business goals, so they can work from a sense of ease and abundance, and grow their income and impact with joy.

Unlike other business coaches, I have experience in the health and wellness industry and I've heavily invested in my own online business training and mentorship, to get to a place where I'm now bringing in multiple 6-figures of revenue on an annual basis.

The truth is, running an online business can be incredibly challenging. And if you don't have the right systems in place, it can take up nearly every waking minute of your free time... which is a recipe for a major health disaster (I've been there before!) and some serious business burnout.

That's why I am so excited to create a space for you to experience joyful, profitable business growth, so you can truly thrive in your online health business.

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

your friend and coach,

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Get The Coaching and Support You Need To Thrive In Your Online Nutrition Business

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