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What Exactly is Business By Design and How Can It Help?

Business By Design (BBD) is a transformational online training and group coaching program that includes everything you need to know about starting, growing, and scaling a successful online coaching or digital course business.

My coach and mentor James Wedmore has taken over 15 years of experience in the online marketing space and distilled it down to the most important strategies and processes that will make all the difference for you and your online coaching and consulting business.

James has distilled the best of the best training on offers, sales, mindset, team-building and marketing into this powerhouse of a program that you’ll have immediate unlimited access to from the moment you enroll.

James even shares his step-by-step processes, so there’s zero guess-work for you to implement these tried-and-true strategies.

And when you apply his blueprint and strategies, you’ll have more breathing room in your business, less stress and a lot more time for the people and things that matter.

You'll learn how to design an online health and nutrition business that works perfectly for your life (not the other way around!)

Get Your Mind Right

Design Your Business

Launch It And Profit

Scale For Success

"James opened my eyes to what was possible."

Watch this incredible testimonial video from my friend and mastermind colleague Amber Brueseke, who is making 7-figures a year in her online nutrition business! (That's over $1 MILLION in revenue annually!)


"BBD isn't just a program or a course. It's a lifelong journey!"

Hear from my former client and current team member Jennifer Zucconi, RD all about how BBD completely changed her nutrition business (and her life!)

Enroll in BBD Today...

And Receive These EXCLUSIVE, Health and Nutrition Business-Building BONUSES!
Worth $7,000+! 🤩

Bonus #1: 2-Day Virtual LIVE Event: Planning and Executing Your Successful Health Program Launch (a $4000+ value!!)

Whether you do a beta launch, a webinar launch, a live launch, a challenge launch, or anything in between... (oh, and you can learn how to do ALL of these inside BBD!)

Your messaging strategy is a CRITICAL part of having the success you desire for your first (or next) launch!

And if you're a health and wellness entrepreneur, you absolutely must use a messaging strategy that works for attracting health clients specifically.

When you enroll in BBD in 2022, you'll get a FREE ticket to a 2-day LIVE virtual event, where I'll help you plan out and craft your high-converting messaging for your next launch!

I'll walk you through the exact process I've helped my clients implement to have their own $40-50k+ launches in the health nutrition field.

You'll be totally confident that your messaging and audience targeting will bring the right people into your launch who will actually buy your stuff.

And the best part is that the strategies I'll share are 100% designed for HEALTH and NUTRITION businesses...

So you won't be struggling to figure out how to apply something more generic to YOUR business!

(Which is a legitimate concern when learning about messaging from people outside of the nutrition and health space!)

And you'll get a ticket to this event absolutely free when you join BBD using my affiliate link.

If you want to scale your nutrition or health business through group programs and courses, having the right messaging for your launch can make or BREAK your success.

And when you join BBD with me, you'll have the industry's best launch strategies from my coach James...

PLUS my direct support in crafting your unique and effective messaging for whatever launch strategy you decide to implement.

So now you can execute a launch that blows past your wildest dreams!! 🤩


 Click HERE to book a call with a BBD Alumni to chat about your business to determine if BBD will be a good investment for you!

Plus get INSTANT ACCESS to these bonus business-building trainings and resources that'll complement everything you're learning inside of BBD!

Bonus #2 - Workshop: Messaging Strategies for Content That Converts

One thing that hasn't changed in the 10+ years I've been working in an online health and nutrition business? The need for creating great content that converts browsers into buyers.

In this on-demand workshop, I'll give you the three core types of content you MUST create to drive conversions (not just likes!) and specific examples of each that you can apply to your health and nutrition business right away!

$1000 Value

Bonus #3 - Workshop: How To Beta Launch Your First Group Program Fast!

Launching a group program is one of the quickest ways to increase revenue in your business and serve more clients. It's how I scaled my nutrition business to multi-6-figures without burning myself out.

But getting a new program off the ground can feel incredibly overwhelming. That's why you need a plan of action!

In this on-demand workshop, you'll get everything you need to know to quickly plan and launch your first "beta" group program to increase your income and impact... without adding more 1-1 clients to your schedule!

$500 Value

Bonus #4 - Using Facebook Ads for Launches with Arfan Husain

Arfan Husain is an ads manager and strategist who has run ads for our company since 2020 and has helped us bring in over $700,000+ in revenue from launching our Nutrition Business Accelerator program. In this instant-access training, you'll learn the most important elements of using Facebook Ads to support YOUR next launch.

Even better? This training will perfectly complement our 2 Day Virtual Live Event for planning your next launch!

 $500 Value

Bonus #5 - Podcast Guest Pitching Workshop with Jeremy Enns

Getting your name out there can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Being a guest on others' podcasts is one of the fastest ways to build your audience quickly... without having to spend any money!

This comprehensive on-demand workshop with my podcast editing team leader Jeremy Enns will show you how to get publicity and a bigger audience from podcasts, specifically from being a guest on other people's shows in a strategic way.

Being a guest on others' podcasts was one of the best strategies I used to grow my nutrition business quickly, and now you can use this same strategy to grow your business too!

$500 Value

Bonus #6 - Kajabi Site Templates

Ever feel overwhelmed by the prospect of having to design your website? Don't let TECHPHOBIA be your excuse for not achieving your online business dreams!

When you join BBD through us, you'll get access to 3 essential templates for easily designing your opt-in pages, thank you pages, and sales pages. (Now you don't have to hire a Kajabi designer OR a copywriter! 😅)

$1000 Value

Bonus #7 - How To Build a
7-Figure Health Coaching Business using BBD with Amber Brueseke

One common concern I hear from many health business owners when they consider joining BBD is that they wonder how the program can help HEALTH and NUTRITION entrepreneurs. That's why I asked my friend and mastermind colleague Amber Brueseke to come and do a Q&A session with my BBD group last year!

Amber is earning more than a MILLION dollars of revenue in her macros-coaching business and she's been able to achieve this largely with the support and guidance she received inside of BBD.

Her on-demand guest expert session will inspire you to pursue your wildest dreams of online nutrition business success with the help of James and BBD!

$500 Value

🤩 PLUS - Get all my future BBD bonuses!

Once you've joined BBD through us, you're our customer for life!

That means any time we're running a new affiliate promotion for BBD in the future, you'll get access to any and all new bonuses we're offering (including new workshops and live events!)

This is the gift that keeps on giving when you enroll in BBD with my affiliate links on this page! 


My exclusive bonuses are worth over $7000... but you get them for FREE when you join Business By Design using the links on this page!

How to Get Your BONUSES & Goodies:


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Not sure if BBD is the right next step for you?

Click HERE to book a call with a BBD Alumni to chat about your business to determine if BBD will be a good investment for you!

PLUS! You'll Get ACCESS to James, His Coaching Program & The Amazing BBD Community!

Build A Successful Online Health and Nutrition Business That You Can Be Proud Of

Working with James Wedmore has allowed me to grow my income in my business, use that income to hire awesome team members and reach more people, work less total hours, and enjoy the work I do more.⁠

That's why I'm so excited to share what I've gotten from James with those of you who want to grow a successful, impactful online health and nutrition business.⁠

Because at the end of the day, it's not just about making money.

It's about changing lives and showing up with integrity to help the people we were put on this earth to serve. 

If you're a health and nutrition business owner who wants to build an amazing, profitable business founded on INTEGRITY, James Wedmore is the guy that'll show you how to do just that.⁠

To JUMPSTART Your Online Health Business & Grab All Your Bonuses NOW, Click the Link Below! 👇🏼 👇🏼 

Join Me In BBD Now!

Not sure if BBD is the right next step for you?

Click HERE to book a call with a BBD Alumni to chat about your business to determine if BBD will be a good investment for you!

James Wedmore has forever changed my life and business.

Over the past few years, James Wedmore has been one of my biggest role models for operating in integrity in business and in life in general.⁠

Working with James in BBD and now in his Performance Mastermind has allowed me to grow my income, hire and train incredible team members, serve and reach more people, work less total hours, and enjoy the work I do more.⁠

It's impossible for me to NOT share what I've gotten from James with any of you who want to grow a successful, impactful online business.⁠

Because at the end of the day, it's not just about making money. It's about changing lives and showing people what's possible in their own life when they hold themselves to a higher level of accountability and integrity than they did before.⁠

And I credit James with a great deal of the personal integrity I've committed to developing since I started learning from him in 2018.⁠

If you're a business owner who wants to build a profitable business founded on INTEGRITY, James Wedmore is the guy that'll show you how to do that.⁠

So join me inside BBD, and let's build your business by design together!

Laura Schoenfeld

I am an AFFILIATE for Business By Design (BBD). This means, if you decide to purchase BBD through the links on this page, I get paid a commission. With that being said, I ONLY promote products and people that I use, trust, and would stake my reputation on. James Wedmore is no exception. And when you enroll using my links, you don't pay an extra penny for all the health and nutrition business building bonuses I'm including!